Giving People With Dental Anxiety The Support They Need

Different issues can affect a person’s relative risk for dental troubles. Some patients have softer enamel, which makes it harder for them to fight cavities. Other people can have issues like dry mouth, which can inhibit their natural cavity defense if the problem is not addressed. However, many people are more vulnerable to oral health issues because of an anxiety around seeing the dentist. This condition, known as dental anxiety, can be addressed. Your dentist can work with you to help make you feel at ease. Many people with this problem enjoy help in the form of dental sedation, which keeps them relaxed in the dentist’s chair.

Talk To Your Dentist If You Feel Anxious About Upcoming Dental Work

While you may breeze through your regular dental checkups, the idea of restorative dental work may leave you in a state of unease. Many people receive nitrous oxide, or even an oral sedative, to make their experience more pleasant. This can be helpful for those who feel anxious, but it can also make you more comfortable during longer, more involved work.

Why You Shouldn’t Let Anxiety Keep You From Preventive Dental Care

People who let anxiety keep them away from the dentist are losing out on important preventive services. When you skip dental visits, you become vulnerable to more advanced cavities, which could be caught during routine checkups. Staying away also means losing out on professional dental cleanings, which provide you with an opportunity to have tartar removed from your smile. If you feel that nitrous oxide is needed during routine care, let your dentist know, and enjoy access to beneficial preventive dental care.

Dr. Cain Can Help Patients With Dental Anxiety Enjoy The Care They Need

Patients who experience dental anxiety can enjoy access to important dental care, thanks to sedation dentistry. If you need help managing feelings of unease around dental work, let Dr. Cain know! Our office can work with you to provide the necessary support to see that you receive the care you deserve. To schedule your appointment, call Healthy Smiles in Gary, IN, today at 219-938-2637. You can also email us at