When Dental Troubles Call For A Root Canal Treatment

Taking oral health threats seriously is important. As a cavity forms, it will causing increasing damage to your tooth. When damage reaches the interior of your tooth, and infects the living tissue housed in your pulp, it can put you in a state of discomfort. As the damage continues to spread, you can lose your tooth, and have bacteria spread to your jawbone, and cause more troubles. Your dentist can put a stop to an internal tooth problem with a root canal treatment, which will involve the safe removal of infected tissue. This will allow you to keep your tooth, and it will put a stop to potential complications.

Internal Tooth Trouble Can Lead To The Loss Of Your Tooth

If you suffer too much internal damage, your tooth can reach a point where it is not possible to save. At this stage, your dentist will have to extract it, to protect you from further issues. This is why it is important to take action when you think something might be wrong. Ignoring dental pain or sensitivity can leave you vulnerable to serious problems.

Restoring A Tooth After A Root Canal Has Been Performed

After performing a root canal treatment, your tooth will be outfitted with a dental crown. This will allow you to keep the tooth safe, and it will help you bite and chew confidently, and with proper support. Thanks to the availability of CEREC technology at your dentist’s office, you can actually have your crown developed and placed after just one appointment. Made from dental ceramic, your restoration will blend in with your smile, which means you will not have to worry about cosmetic consequences because of its presence.

Set An Appointment With Dr. Cain If You Need A Root Canal Treatment

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