Quiz: Your Root Canal Treatment Experience

People who have never undergone a root canal treatment can flinch at the mere thought of the procedure. However, this restorative dental treatment provides an important defense against tooth decay, and it can save your tooth. A root canal is not performed on all cavities. Only cases where decay has reached your tooth’s pulp call for it. When it is necessary, your dentist will use modern tools to carefully and precisely remove infected tissue from your tooth. Having accomplished this, they will then seal it, and place a dental crown for its protection. Without a root canal, you can suffer problems severe enough to cost you your tooth!


True Or False: After a root canal is performed, your tooth can be restored with either a filling or a crown.

True Or False: Root canals are only necessary as part of a cavity treatment when decay has reached your pulp.

True Or False: You may need a root canal after you suffer a dental injury.


False! A root canal involves the removal of too much of your tooth to make a filling a workable option. To protect that tooth, your dentist needs to provide you with a dental crown.

True! If you have a cavity treatment earlier in a cavity’s development, when only your enamel is affected, you should be able to protect your tooth without needing to undergo a root canal.

True! Some dental injuries put you at risk for an internal infection in your tooth. To address this, your dentist will perform a root canal.

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