Quiz: Seeking Restorative Care For A Cavity

Hopefully, you have been able to avoid cavities, and avoid needing to undergo cavity treatment. Unfortunately, while plenty of information is available on the importance of preventive dental care, many adults will experience at least one cavity. When your dentist identifies decay, they can recommend the appropriate restorative dental care plan. What will that care be like for you? The approach your dentist takes will depend on how severe your cavity is. For example, a cavity that has led to an infection in your pulp will require a root canal treatment, but a smaller cavity that only affects your enamel will not.


True Or False: If you wait too long for cavity treatment, you might wind up needing a root canal treatment.

True Or False: Your dentist only offers metal fillings and dental crowns, which can protect your tooth, but can disrupt your appearance.

True Or False: Your dental crown is durable enough to be used for biting and chewing, and should provide steady support for many years.


True! A root canal treatment will be needed if you have a cavity that allows an infection to reach your pulp. It takes time for decay to reach the interior of your tooth – with regular checkups, you can reduce the possibility of this occurring.

False! Ceramic, zirconia, and porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns are also available to patients. These crowns can be more lifelike, and can preserve your appearance. Composite resin fillings are available to offer a more natural-looking restoration as well.

True! A dental crown is meant to be a long-term restoration. They are made to be strong enough for biting and chewing, so that you can feel comfortable biting and chewing without having to work around your crown.

Talk To Dr. Cain If You Need Cavity Treatment

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