Helping Kids Feel Comfortable At The Dentist’s Office

Children rarely think of the dentist’s office as their favorite place. After all, your dentist is competing with visits to see grandparents, and playgrounds – the competition for “favorite place” can be pretty stiff. That being said, a visit to the dentist is not something your child has to be apprehensive about. Your dentist can make sure your child arrives to a nurturing, supportive environment when they come in for treatment. That commitment to their comfort, along with information about dental care in advance of their first appointment, can help you ease your child into dental appointments. These early visits help them form good oral care habits, and protects their young smiles.

How Visits For Children Differ From Adult Checkups

Once your child’s baby teeth start to arrive, you will need to address care for them. Starting routine dental appointments at an early age will help them sustain good care, as your dentist can guide them on proper maintenance of their smile. As they age, your dentist can tailor treatment to their developmental needs. Sealants can be provided when your child’s adult teeth arrive – this special coating can lower their cavity risk.

Your Oral Care Habits Can Influence How Your Child Feels About Their Oral Care

If you want your child to recognize the value behind brushing and flossing, and general dental care, make sure you model those values. One way you can demonstrate the importance of dental visits is by attending them yourself. After all, it will be harder to persuade your child to see these appointments as important when you neglect your own!

Schedule A Dental Checkup For Your Child With Dr. Cain

Is your child ready to see their dentist? You can bring your young child in for their initial appointments with Dr. Cain. Everyone on staff understands that creating a supportive environment is important for young patients, and will put in time and effort to ensure they feel cared for whenever they come in. To schedule your appointment, call Healthy Smiles in Gary, IN, today at 219-938-2637. You can also reach out to us through email by sending a message to