It Is Possible To Receive A Dental Crown In One Appointment

How much time are you going to lose to dental treatment when you need a dental crown? Thanks to the CEREC technology at your dentist’s office, the time it takes for you to receive your restoration can be cut down to a single visit. This means having important oral health support for a weak, decayed, or otherwise flawed tooth. Crowns are called on to address a number of problems. While they are commonly seen as a means of cavity treatment, there are other situation that can call for them. An injury may leave you in need of permanent protection and support for a tooth. For some patients, a crown will serve as a solution to the problem of a naturally weak or undersized tooth.

How Is My Single-Visit Crown Made?

CEREC technology puts the necessary tools for crown construction in your dentist’s office. They have the necessary digital tools to take measurements of your tooth, and upload those measurements to design your custom crown. Once this is done, a milling machine in the office will produce your restoration. Because the crown you receive is made from ceramic, it will not stand out in your smile, and disrupt your appearance.

Avoiding Problems That Require Dental Crowns

There are steps you can take to prevent dental trouble that leaves you in need of a dental crown. One important thing to consider is how you can guarantee timely detection and treatment for a problem. One reason regular dental visits are recommended is that your dentist can provide you with needed restorative care when a problem is found. Without those reviews, you may leave a cavity without care until it grows severe.

Talk To Dr. Cain About Receiving A Crown In One Appointment

If you need a dental crown, you can count on Dr. Cain at Northwest Smiles to provide it in a single visit. CEREC technology has eliminated the waiting period for your restoration – every step in the crown development and placement process can now fit in one appointment. To schedule your appointment, call Healthy Smiles in Gary, IN, today at 219-938-2637. You can also email our practice at