Need A Dental Crown? What To Expect

People who keep up with oral health care at home, and enjoy regular dental visits, are less likely to need a dental crown than those who neglect their teeth. This is because you are less likely to have a cavity – and, because you keep up with regular visits, your dentist can catch a cavity that has formed before a crown is needed. That being said, crowns are required for more than just tooth decay. You could need one after a dental injury, or to support a small or weak tooth. If you have a tooth that requires a crown, you should know that having one placed can help you avoid tooth sensitivity, and should not have a negative effect on your appearance. In fact, by placing a crown on a flawed tooth, you could actually improve your smile.

Having Your Crown Created And Placed

CEREC technology shortens the process of having a crown made and placed enough that you can receive yours after one visit. Your dentist will take the required measurements, and those measurements will be used to craft your crown in-office, with the use of a milling machine. Once it is produced, the crown can be placed on your tooth.

How Long Will My Dental Crown Last?

Your crown should last for many years, but ultimately its longevity will be affected by the care you provide. Poor at-home care and excess wear and tear can cause your crown to wear down prematurely. Your dentist can check on its condition during routine visits.

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