Reach Out To Your Dentist For Help After A Dental Injury

A dental injury can be hazardous to your smile, and to your oral health. Unlike a cavity, which can take time to become severe, an accident can leave you in sudden need of serious restorative dental care. Your dentist is able to bring you in for treatment if you suffer a dental emergency. When you arrive, they can do whatever needs to be done to care for your smile. In cases where a tooth is significantly damaged, or even lost, they can help you recapture your look before the incident took place. That being said, their immediate concern will be putting a stop to any threats to your dental well-being.

Reacting Quickly To A Dental Emergency

Time may be of the essence if you have experienced a dental injury. If you find yourself with an avulsed (“knocked out”) tooth, you will have a limited span of time to seek treatment if you want a chance at keeping the tooth. A serious injury can also cause internal damage, which can be uncomfortable, and put you at risk.

Doing Cosmetic Work To Take Care Of Physical Damage

A physical injury can hurt, and it can be disruptive to your appearance, but it may not demand restorative care. In these situations, you can respond by seeking cosmetic dental care from your dentist. Unattractive chips and cracks in a tooth can draw unwanted attention, and make you unhappy with your smile. A cosmetic restoration can hide damage, so that your smile looks the way it did before you experienced an injury.

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