Thanksgiving: How To Navigate The Feast

thanksgivingautumntableDo you find that as excited as you feel about the thought of turkey, potatoes, green beans, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, and more, you feel a bit weary, too? What seems to be the problem? If you’re feeling somewhat overwhelmed at the thought of trying to make good choices for your oral health during this food-heavy holiday, it can end up taking some of the fun and relaxation away. Do yourself a favor: Become more familiar with some good choices versus not-so-wonderful choices, while learning how to enjoy everything you love without fretting.

The Good

Think about foods that are good for your teeth: Foods high in protein and calcium (and low in sugar or carbohydrates) are beneficial because the nutrients facilitate the strengthening of your tooth’s enamel. Foods you can certainly reach for without feeling worried about your oral health on Thanksgiving include cheese, meat (say yes to the turkey!), dark leafy vegetables, and crunchy veggies (go for the cut vegetable tray).

The Not So Good

If it’s full of carbs, sugar, or it’s highly acidic, these are the types of foods best to limit if you are doing all that you can to protect your oral health. Desserts like pumpkin pie, sweet dressings like cranberry sauce, acidic foods like tomatoes, citrus, and soda … they’re not friends to your smile. If you like relying on a guideline, remember these details: Avoid sugar, carbs, and acid.

How To Enjoy Everything!

Just because there are foods that are good for your smile (and those that are not) does not mean you cannot enjoy them all. It just means you need a smart approach. Eat desserts and acidic foods with meals rather than alone. After you eat, drink water to rinse your smile off. Then, brush in about 30 minutes and you’re in good shape.