What You Should Know About Root Canal Treatment

what you should know about root canal treatmentWhat happens when you need a root canal treatment? You may be familiar with the name of this restorative dental procedure, but you might have questions about what it is, or why it is performed. A root canal is performed by your dentist when you have an endodontic problem – a problem in the interior of your tooth. Your dentist will remove just enough dental material to access the living tissue in your tooth, and remove any infected or damaged tissue. While this procedure is often associated with cavities, you may find yourself in need of a root canal after a physical tooth injury.

Ignoring A Problem That Needs A Root Canal Can Cost You Your Tooth

You may not look forward to a root canal, but the alternative – not addressing the problem – can cost you your tooth. Eventually, a problem like tooth decay can do so much harm that there is no way to rescue the tooth. An infection can also travel down your tooth root, and cause more health troubles. By undergoing a root canal, you can put a stop to your problem, and save your tooth.

What Happens To Your Tooth After A Root Canal?

After a root canal, your dentist will need to do something about your tooth, which has had enough material removed to clear a path to the pulp. You can have your tooth protected with the placement of a dental crown. The crown, which can be made to look like a natural tooth, will be permanently affixed. The bond, and the material used to make the crown, are strong enough to operate like a natural tooth.