Quiz: Teeth Whitening And Other Cosmetic Services

quiz teeth whitening and other cosmetic servicesYour dentist can make sure your smile is healthy, and thanks to a range of cosmetic dental treatments, they can also make sure its appearance makes you happy. One common reason for people to feel self-conscious when showing their teeth is the color. Over time, you could find your teeth looking dull, or yellowed. While store-bought products can help, a professional whitening treatment can make for a terrific improvement. Other treatments can also help with teeth that look worn or aged, damaged, or otherwise physically unappealing.


True Or False: A professional whitening treatment works about as well using store-bought whitening toothpaste.

True Or False: You can only have a professional whitening treatment at your dentist’s office.

True Or False: Porcelain veneers can make teeth look whiter, even those teeth with discoloration that whiteners are ineffective against.


False! A professional whitening treatment can offer results that exceed what store-bought items can achieve, and your dentist can complete your treatment with just one visit.

False! You can collect the products you need from your dentist to gain professional whitening results from your home. A specially-fitted tray will ensure that the whitening gels provided by your dentist are evenly applied.

True! Some forms of discoloration – called intrinsic discoloration – are resistant to professional whitening agents. A set of veneers can be constructed to place over your teeth. These veneers will make your teeth look whiter, but they are customized to have the appearance you desire for your smile, and can cover up physical flaws, too. You will need to plan for two visits when you receive veneers, as there is a period where it is necessary to measure and prepare your teeth, before the veneers are placed.