Stop Dental Damage From Holding Back Your Smile

stop dental damage from holding back your smileSerious dental trauma should be addressed by your dentist as soon as possible. Superficial damage to a tooth may not cause medical problems, but it can be a big issue when it comes to how your smile looks. Small chips and cracks can be a distraction from your appearance, and excess wear and tear may make your teeth look unattractive. Cosmetic dentistry can help cover up dental damage, so that you can show off an unblemished smile. A tooth that has been marred by an injury can be expertly restored, so that you regain your normal appearance.

A Cosmetic Treatment Can Hide Damaged Teeth

You have options when it comes to remedying dental damage. Tooth bonding can be completed in a single visit, and hide visible damage on a tooth. The bonding material can be applied so that small cracks and chips are no longer detectable; your tooth can have its normal appearance restored. It can be more expensive to receive porcelain veneers, but veneers are more durable, and will last longer. Your dentist will craft your veneers tailored to your specific measurements, and can permanently bond them to your teeth.

Protecting Your Teeth At Night

Some people damage their teeth at night because they grind their teeth during sleep. This unconscious habit of clenching your jaw is known as bruxism. In some cases, bruxism damage is serious enough to require a dental crown for an injured tooth. While you may not realize that you are grinding your teeth, you might notice that your teeth are sensitive or sore when you awaken, and you may feel pain in your face. Your dentist can stop bruxism from harming your teeth.