Bad Breath Basics For Babies

Does your baby have bad breath? It is a rare occurrence but it can happen. There are a variety of reasons a baby can develop bad breath. Some of the reasons are the same as why adults do, others are not. Your Gary Indiana dentist, Dr. Cain, provides dental services for children and adults. In today’s blog find out about the bad breath basics for babies, why babies develop bad breath and what you can do about it.

Bad Breath Facts:

Fact #1: When babies have a stuffy nose due to a cold or allergies they are forced to breathe through their mouths the same as adults. A dry mouth produces bad breath because when your oral tissues become dry, your mouth becomes a breeding ground for putrefying bacteria which cause bad breath.

Fact #2: Babies have small stomachs and don’t often know whether or not they’ve eaten too much. If your baby drinks too much milk during a feeding their stomach will eject it back into their esophagus. This regurgitated milk sitting in the esophagus causes sour breath.

Fact #3: Another reason for the growth of putrefying bacteria in the oral cavity is sugar. As harmful bacteria feast on the sugars leftover in your baby’s mouth they produce bad breath.

Fact #4: When babies put their toys in their mouths they leave their bacteria-containing saliva on them, causing the toys to develop a bad smell. When they suck on the toy again that odor is transferred back to the baby’s mouth.

Fact #5: Other causes of a baby’s bad breath can include infection, tooth decay, gastro-esophageal reflux, and a foreign object pushed up their nose.

Fact #6: You should begin proper oral hygiene on your baby just a few days after birth.

Fact #7: Proper oral hygiene includes cleaningyour baby’s teeth and gumswith a clean, damp cloth after each feeding to wipe away remaining sugars that attract harmful bacteria.

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