Tooth Loss Can Be the Start Of Your Story

Blonde senior Gary INThe loss of a tooth can actually be empowering if you plan for high quality prosthodontia to repair your gap. Know that you have access to advanced forms of prosthetic replacement with Dr. Nicholas Cain at Healthy Smiles Northwest Indiana in Gary, IN. A dental implant is one way that new technologies have changed the game in dental improvement and repair.

This process relies upon a biological mechanism known as osseointegration. Through the use of titanium, this specific metal positively interacts with the tissue of your jaw bone. This chemical connection allows your body to grow tightly around the post, keeping it secure. Your new prosthetic tooth attaches to this post and can withstand daily use, all while giving you a gorgeous new smile. Beam with pride with a new dental implant to restore your gap and allow your smile to function properly. You have the power to turn your instance of tooth loss into a positive!

How Implants Serve Your Smile To Stay Strong

The discussion of dental implants as a method of prosthodontic repair has to begin with the titanium post that gives this solution its strength. Titanium forms a very special connection with the human body, interacting in a way that other metals do not.

Osseointegration is the term for this interesting phenomenon, where your immune system accepts the post as if it were your own natural tissue. This approach has also become common in the replacement of limbs. The capabilities in human use are astounding.

Discover The Immunological Advantage Of Dental Implants

The interesting connection between your body and your new implant provides multiple benefits that are special to this procedure. For instance, other prosthodontic approaches rely on the connection to external sources. While tested means of renewal restore bite function by sharing bite stress among your remaining teeth, implants derive their strength from the bone of your jaw.

This approach is helpful to retain bone tissue at a location of tooth loss. Your body will naturally pull resources from an area if it determines that it has been lost to damage. By placing this titanium material at the site, your prosthodontic solution helps your immune system to continue to maintain the area.

Repairing Damaged Smiles In Northwest Indiana

Your instance of tooth loss does not have to be the end of the story. A dental implant process can help you to regain bite function after an extraction. Speak with Healthy Smiles in Gary, IN, today at 219-938-2637 to schedule an examination and consultation with Dr. Nicholas Cain, DDS. The replacement of your missing tooth is integral to the ongoing vitality of your smile. A dental implant could be the right solution for your specific needs!