The Benefits Of A January Cleaning

Winter Gary INAs the year winds down, things start to return back to normal a little bit. The major family holidays have ended and people are mostly at home getting ready for a return to school and work. It is also a time when we celebrate the renewal that the next year can bring. Take advantage of the drive and promise that 2023 could bring you by scheduling a routine cleaning and examination for the month of January.

Regular visits to the dentist can help you avoid future harm, and so it is crucial to see your provider once at least every six months. A trip to Healthy Smiles Northwest Indiana in Gary, IN can help to identify any potentially damaging concerns as they begin to develop. Preventive care is one of the greatest tools at our disposal to fight infection. Bacterial growth within the smile can lead to severe tooth decay and the recession of the gums. Take advantage of the turn of the calendar by making one of your New Years resolutions to take extra special care of your smile!

This Time Helps Keep A Schedule

You should be visiting your dentist at least every six months, possibly sooner if your mouth requires extra care. By placing an appointment near the start of the year, you can help to keep to a more routine schedule in your visits. Preventive care brings better outcomes within dentistry in particular.

If it has been a while since you have visited the dentist, this approach can also help give you the drive you need to get into the chair. Routine in-office visits are incredibly beneficial, so do not rely solely on your home oral health hygiene regimen. In addition, placing your appointment in the first month of the year can help you to follow up in six months!

Plan Your Dental Path

This could also be the right time for you to make a positive dental change. Whether cosmetically or structurally, this time of year can give you the initiative to help yourself to both feel and look better. For patients who are in need of an enamel repair or improvement, schedule a consultation to discuss the placement of porcelain veneers. These translucent ceramic caps take the place of the exterior of our natural tooth and are amazingly versatile. Take control of your dental future by planning your next steps in your journey to fantastic oral health!

The Year Of Oral Health In Gary, IN

2023 has the possibility of being your best year ever for your dental wellness. Call Healthy Smiles in Gary, IN, today at 219-938-2637 to set up an appointment for your regular six-month checkup. Take advantage of the start of the new year and control your dental destiny!