Don’t Let Sensitivity Hold You Back

Cold Gary INThis time of year can be especially illuminating when it comes to our oral health. Here in Northwest Indiana, we certainly know the daily struggle with the cold. But are you letting your dental sensitivity concern get worse through inaction? There is a strong possibility that you are causing further damage without even knowing it. Often, patients put off seeking treatment, and that can require more extensive surgery or infection removal.

If you are noticing that your mouth is a little less comfortable than it was this time last year, it may be time to schedule an appointment with a trained oral healthcare provider. Dental sensitivity can come from a variety of sources, and identification can be one of your strongest tools in your arsenal in its defeat. These sensations can be truly debilitating in your daily life, so always remember that you don’t need to live through oral pain. Today, your Gary, IN dentist explains some of the more common ways that our enamel can become unable to protect our smiles. Keep track of the details of your symptoms, it can help you immensely!

Finding The Cause

The most common instigation for dental sensitivity comes from the weakening or damage of the enamel. This biological tissue forms the exterior of our teeth, and unfortunately, it does not readily repair itself. Enamel gives us our smile’s ability to chew, and it also allows us to look our best. It also creates a durable protection for the more vulnerable material underneath.

Tooth decay is one of the most common ways that our dental defenses may be susceptible to trouble. This is usually on account of the acidic waste that oral bacteria exude. When these colonies build in the recesses of the mouth, it can eat through the hard external coating. Always be sure to keep a rigorous home oral hygiene regimen, including twice-daily brushing. Don’t ignore flossing, either, as tooth decay is increasingly liekly to occur between the structures.

Don’t Go It Alone

No matter the cause of your dental sensitivity, it is important to speak with a qualified professional about your future. While there are many available over-the-counter options, if you are ignoring the root cause of your concern, you may be causing even more harm.

If there is an infection that is causing your pain, you most likely are missing the problem area. Or perhaps you have been over-aggressively whitening your teeth, leading to weak enamel. With any of these possibilities, there is the chance of making your situation worse without even knowing!


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