Extracting A Tooth In Poor Health

Poor dental health should be taken seriously for several reasons. One issue that you should be aware of is that as time passes, the condition of a tooth progressively worsens when it has an issue with a cavity or injury. After too much time passes, it can actually deteriorate to the point where you need to have it removed for the sake of your overall oral health. Your Northwest IN dentist’s office is here for you in a situation where this must take place. A safe, careful tooth extraction can stop further problems and remove a source of serious discomfort. To help you after this work has been performed, we can also make plans to replace the lost tooth with a secure and lifelike dental prosthetic.

A Tooth’s Health Can Deteriorate To The Point Where It Should Be Removed

As time passes, a tooth with a cavity, or one that has been physically injured, can experience complications that gradually worsen. At first, this may mean that you need to have a root canal procedure performed to address an internal problem. However, in time this may not be enough to fully address the threat not just to your tooth, but to your overall dental well-being. If problems worsen too much, our only remaining option can be to remove the tooth entirely. Fortunately, a professional tooth extraction can ensure that the removal safely and comfortably resolves the problem without creating new issues for you.

Safely Addressing Your Tooth Extraction

An unhealthy tooth can be painful, and it can leave your smile in a vulnerable state. Fortunately, a professionally handled extraction can have it removed without complications and with a focus on making the process as comfortable as possible. Carefully removing a tooth in poor condition will help you avoid further discomfort as well as complications with your health; if the tooth needs to be removed due to issues with severe gum disease, we can take care to protect the surrounding areas.

Restoring Your Complete Smile

Prosthetic dental work is capable of giving you back your complete smile after you have an extraction performed. That work can include the placement and restoration of a dental implant, which can offer many long-term benefits. To avoid the need for oral surgery, we can also provide the option of having a dental bridge permanently secured.

Talk To Your Northwest IN Dentist About Having Your Tooth Extracted

Through a careful tooth extraction, we are able to resolve a problem with a tooth that is in such poor condition it cannot be saved, or to address a significant loss of support due to gum disease. If you would like to find out more, please reach out to Healthy Smiles in Northwest IN by calling us at 219-938-2637!