A Tooth Filling Can Match Your Tooth Structure

In the course of a routine dental visit, your Northwest IN dentist will closely study your teeth. What information will you receive at the end of their evaluation? This will depend on what state your smile is in—hopefully, you will only receive good news, but you may discover that you need treatment for a cavity. The good news is that when this kind of problem is caught in time, the treatment that you receive can be surprisingly conservative. We can provide a dental filling that only covers the area where decay formed. In addition to providing a conservative treatment option, this will allow you to enjoy care without worrying about your appearance, as the substance we use can imitate your healthy enamel!

Will Cavity Treatment Affect Your Smile?

While it can be hard not to worry about your smile when you need to arrange restorative dental work, you can find that treatment can have little to no effective impact on how you look. Thanks to the restorations that we use to care for our patients’ teeth, we can provide positive results without making unwanted changes to your appearance. If you need a dental filling, we can apply a material that both bonds to the outer structure of your tooth and imitates its color and texture.

Receiving A Lifelike Dental Filling

A dental filling is the more conservative treatment option that we have when a patient has trouble with a cavity. Its placement can only require a single appointment, and the ultimate effect on your tooth structure is limited. A composite material is directly applied at the site of a cavity. Once administered, it hardens to provide a secure hold. This work will leave your tooth protected against an infection as well as strong enough to absorb bite pressure without difficulty.

What To Expect From Cavity Treatment That Ends With The Placement Of A Crown

If your cavity has done too much harm to make care with a filling possible, we can still keep your tooth safe, and we can still preserve your smile. A custom dental crown that is placed over a tooth can protect you if you have a larger cavity. While this makes more changes to your tooth structure necessary, it allows us to treat a more significant problem while still maintaining your complete smile.

Your Northwest IN Dentist Can Make Sure That Your Smile Is Cared For!

Through the right restorative services, we can take on problems that you have with your oral health without changing your appearance. To learn more about what we can do for you if you have a cavity, or to discuss any other matter related to your oral health, please contact Healthy Smiles in Northwest IN by calling 219-938-2637!