When You Want To Show Off A Whiter Smile

You can feel confident in the health of your smile, but you may be less than thrilled with the way it looks if you have embarrassing enamel stains. Over time, these stains can worsen and become difficult to ignore, and they can prove surprisingly difficult to address. Rather than limit yourself to over the counter treatments, you can talk to your Northwest IN dentist about cosmetic dentistry. Our cosmetic services include teeth whitening treatments that help patients deal with discoloration. We can also discuss services that can address dental damage, problems with tooth shape and size, and even some concerns about misalignment.

How Do You Currently Feel About The Color Of Your Smile?

Even if your teeth have stayed healthy through the years, they may have picked up teeth stains that now make you self-conscious. This is the case for many people, and it can become a particularly worrying problem when you only see limited results from using store bought treatments to fight stains. Fortunately, a professional teeth whitening treatment can do what those over the counter products are not able to do for you. The more potent bleaching agents we can provide are able to remove stains that can feel out of reach, leading to notable changes and a big confidence boost!

Planning Your Teeth Whitening Treatment

You can actually choose between two different teeth whitening treatment options. We can welcome you for a one-visit procedure to fight stains, or we can prepare a customized whitening kit for you that you can use at home. Both options rely on materials that are potent enough to remove stains that are difficult to remove with store bought alternatives to professional treatment. The kits that we supply also contain custom trays that make the application of these gels easier. If you take home your treatment, you will follow directions from your dentist and apply the materials for a recommended period of time over a course of approximately ten days. During your in-office treatment, we will use a special light to speed up the whitening process, which is how we can have your treatment complete in just one appointment!

What Else Can My Dentist Do To Improve My Smile?

There are other cosmetic dental services that we provide, which means we can help you if you want to do more than just make your teeth brighter. Through work to restore teeth that are damaged, naturally misshapen, the wrong size, or improperly aligned, we can give you a lasting boost in confidence!

Talk To Your Northwest IN Dentist About Your Desire To Show Off A Whiter Smile

Through cosmetic dental services, our practice is able to help patients show off teeth that are brighter and whiter. If you have questions about these treatments, or any other services that can benefit you, contact Healthy Smiles in Northwest IN by calling 219-938-2637!