Cosmetically Enhancing Your Smile With Bonding

Toothy smile. Dental health. Lip augmentation. Female beauty wellness. Cropped portrait of happy mature woman face with positive emotion isolated on orange background.There is nothing worse than taking every step to protect your smile from disease, decay, and more, only to have a physical injury of some sort disrupt the continuity in your smile. Indeed, restorative dental options such as fillings and more can be used to combat the negative effects of decay, but what are your options when you receive a small crack or chip that does not impact your oral function? In today’s blog, your Northwest IN dentist takes a look at the way that cosmetic bonding and contouring can conservatively enhance your smile with a near-seamless finish.

The Importance of Appearance

It goes without saying that many people value their own self-image and appearance. In fact, many suggest that a strong smile is directly related to heightened levels of confidence as it is one of the first physical attributes one notices about a person. That being said, having a bright, shiny grin is an important goal for many individuals.

The problem arises, however, when situations involving accidents, emergencies, and physical injuries come into the mix. You see, these occurrences can happen at any given time to any person regardless of the level of their preventive dental routine. What’s more, these injuries can vary in degree, meaning that they can purely be cosmetic in nature or they may require extensive treatment. In either case, it is imperative you seek necessary treatment and assistance. To learn more, reach out to our team today.

Conservative Treatment

There is often a misconception that enhancing one’s smile will require extensive, structure-altering procedures. This is far from the case, as most treatments actually venture on the side of conservative in nature. For instance, coming in for a bonding and contouring session involves applying a tooth-colored composite resin material to the affected area, and gently contouring or shaping it to satisfaction. To finish the process, our team will cure the material utilizing a special light, and that’s it!

Taking a look at specific circumstances, mending a chip only requires application of the material and contouring it to reestablish symmetry. For cases involving cracks, the material is once again applied and then smoothed out over the crack in order to provide a lifelike finish. For more information about this treatment, reach out to our office.

A Seamless Finish

The last thing you want is to be one blemish away from an otherwise perfect grin, and cosmetic dentistry is here to help. Whether you are addressing noticeable stains, chips, cracks, or even gaps, make sure to talk to your dentist to learn what options may be best for your needs.

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