How Implants Benefit Your Grin

Illustration of teeth showing dental implant structureWhile it is certainly nobody’s first choice, adult tooth loss can occur due to a number of factors such as decay and infection. What’s more, the concern is not purely cosmetic in nature, as your oral function and even structure are brought into question. Indeed, once a structure is lost as an adult, it will not come back. In cases such as these, however, restorative dentistry might be able to help. In today’s blog, your Northwest IN dentist will discuss the benefits of implant dentistry and how a custom restoration can restore your function and protect your grin.

Restoring Your Function

Your oral health considers many more factors than just the current state of your teeth. In fact, it considers these as well as your tissues and other structures present in the mouth. If any of these aspects are experiencing a threat such as decay or infection, the entire system is tipped unevenly.

When it comes to a tooth, each one consists of two main portions: the crown, which assists in biting and chewing, and the root, which acts as an anchor between your crown and your jaw bone so that the crown can properly absorb the pressure of your bite. When even one oral structure is not present, however, the balance is thrown off and your bite attempts to make up for the missing tooth by readjusting. The problem here, however, is that you will begin to experience side effects such as strain, difficulty performing normal functions, and more if the concern is not addressed. Fortunately, that is where dental implants come in to help.

Completing Your Appearance

To not only address your functional difficulties but to complete your smile once more, your dentist may recommend the use of a dental implant restoration. This consists of a biocompatible post that acts as an artificial root, securing the connection between your teeth and jaw, as well as a custom-made, highly-lifelike crown. Indeed, restorative dentistry does just that – restores your smile! The post allows your new tooth to absorb the pressure of your bite properly, while the crown provides a seamless finish. For more information about this process, contact our team today.

Preventing Infection

Another important aspect that dental implants assist with is the prevention of further infection. In most cases, loss occurs due to serious infection or decay, and just because the diseased tooth is gone does not mean that the infection itself has left. By replacing lost or missing teeth, you are able to reduce your chances of losing even more in the future.

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