Why It’s Important Not to Ignore Crooked Teeth

Many people go their entire lives without ever experiencing a problem with their tooth alignment and needing orthodontic treatment to correct it. Others may not experience tooth alignment problems until later in life, after all of their permanent teeth have already developed. The problem with crooked teeth is that, when the problem does arise, it may not always seem like such a serious concern. For some patients, this can cause them to underestimate the significance of correcting the problem, and in time, they may experience even more severe consequences to their oral health.

The problem could be greater than you see

When adult teeth become crooked, the reason why isn’t always clear at first. However, problems that can lead to tooth misalignment can also create other risks for your oral health, and can include conditions such as constant teeth-grinding (bruxism), an imbalance in your jaw joints, and more. If you ignore the state of your crooked teeth by procrastinating to seek treatment for it, then the underlying cause of your tooth misalignment may lead to even more significant problems by the time you do.

Your teeth might suffer more than misalignment

The visibility of your crooked teeth can depend on just how severe the misalignment is. However, even when misalignment isn’t visibly obvious, the uneven state of your teeth can put them at risk of experiencing other problems, as well. For example, when your teeth aren’t even, they can’t meet each other squarely when you bite and chew. Your teeth, jaw joints, and more will have to compensate, and some teeth may be exposed to excessive amounts of your bite pressure. As the problem continues, these teeth may become worn down or damaged, or be at a higher risk of being lost or needing extraction.

Straightening your teeth could be simple

Dealing with the problem of crooked teeth may involve customized orthodontic treatment, which is designed to gently and effectively guide crooked teeth into straighter positions along your dental ridge. With advanced treatment, patients can often benefit from a choice of orthodontic solutions, from traditional or discreet, tooth-colored braces, to more comfortable and streamlined clear aligners. With custom orthodontic treatment, may be able to straighten crooked teeth more conveniently and comfortably than you expect.

Learn how to deal with crooked teeth

The misalignment of your teeth is the kind of problem that might not seem serious until other consequences affect your oral health, as well. To learn more, schedule your appointment by calling Healthy Smiles in Gary, IN, today at 219-938-2637.