Problems that May Be Associated with Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth, or tooth misalignment, is a big enough problem on its own to make addressing it important. When your teeth aren’t aligned properly, everything from your smile’s appearance to your bite function, and much more, can feel the effects of it. In addition, ignoring crooked teeth and allowing them to remain out of alignment can also lead to several additional problems with your oral health. Today, we examine just a few of these problems, and why straightening your crooked teeth with orthodontic treatment is important in helping you avoid them.

The chronic tendency to grind your teeth

Grinding your teeth habitually, a condition that’s often known as bruxism when it’s severe enough, can be the result of several different factors. The alignment of your teeth is an important one, as it can impact how well your jaw joints and muscles are able to rest comfortably. If tooth misalignment forces your jaw and oral structures to compensate too much when you bite and chew, or when your bite is at rest, then the stress can eventually cause concerns like teeth-grinding to develop. The problem can grow worse the longer your teeth grow crooked, and each condition can exacerbate the other over time.

Pain and discomfort in your jaw joints

The alignment of your teeth is closely tied to the overall function of your bite, as your teeth must meet evenly when your bite closes for your jaw joints and muscles to work in tandem. Crooked teeth can disrupt this balance to varying degrees, and in many cases, it can lead to excessive stress and pressure on your jaw joints and muscles. This may lead to severe discomfort in your jaw and an inability to function properly, as well as increasingly worse symptoms such as headaches, earaches, and more.

One or more teeth suffering damage

The many different consequences of crooked teeth can be the result of the many different ways in which your tooth alignment is related to your bite function. In a more direct manner, this relationship can mean that being crooked can place your teeth at greater risk of being compromised through structural damage, bacterial infection (tooth decay), and more. For instance, when your bite isn’t balanced properly, your teeth may be subject to excessive amounts of pressure in certain areas. One or more teeth may begin to wear down, or become fractured or broken under the pressure.

Avoid more problems with orthodontic treatment

If ignored long enough, crooked teeth can have numerous negative impacts on your oral health, bite function, overall comfort and quality of life. To learn more about avoiding such problems with custom orthodontic treatment, schedule your appointment by calling Healthy Smiles in Gary, IN, today at 219-938-2637.