Dental Cleanings For Kids And Adults


A checkup is crucial for protecting smiles from oral health issues, allowing your Gary, IN, dentist to identify the early stages of common problems and treat them. In order to help safeguard smiles from cavities and periodontal problems, we may use a dental cleaning to remove plaque from smiles both young and old. What happens during a dental cleaning?

Cleanings for Grown-Ups

Adults should see us about twice a year to undergo a routine dental cleaning. After we examine the smile and gain a detailed picture of your oral health, we will use an ultrasonic scaler and manual tool to carefully remove plaque from the surface of the teeth. Then we will polish the teeth, which helps the teeth feel smoother, while also brightening them and providing fresher breath. The procedure takes just one visit, and helps limit the risk of tooth decay and gum disease, as the buildup weakens and erodes enamel and inflames gum tissue unless removed.

Keeping Little Smiles Clean

Plaque can form on little smiles as well. When we consume foods high in sugar and other starches, or drinks with a high amount of sugar content, this feeds harmful oral bacteria. As bacteria break down these food particles, the teeth become coated in plaque, which erodes enamel and irritates gum tissue. Children should start having their teeth cleaned every six months at around age two. We can then monitor the smile as it grows and develops, offering treatment to address serious concerns in the early stages!

Scaling and Root Planing

What if you have gums suffering from inflammation, also known as gingivitis, or the early stages of gum disease? Then we may need a more thorough cleaning procedure. A scaling and root planing involve the use of an ultrasonic scaler to remove buildup from the teeth, and to also smooth the roots as well. Doing so helps close periodontal pockets and allows healthy gum tissue to attach to the teeth. The treatment reverses gingivitis and helps manage gum disease to prevent the onset of periodontitis, the advanced stage linked to adult tooth loss. The procedure may take one visit, or require up to four, depending on the extent of your buildup. Afterward, routine visits every three to four months will be need to remove plaque and protect the smile. If you have any questions about keeping your smile clean, or if you’re ready to schedule a visit for you or a member of your family, then contact our team today.

We can Remove Plaque Buildup

In one visit, we can remove plaque and tartar from the teeth to improve oral health. To learn more about children’s and preventive dentistry, schedule your visit with Healthy Smiles Family Dentistry in Gary, IN, today by calling 219-938-2637.