How Does A Filling Repair Cavities?

If you develop a cavity, then you need to see us right away. The issue issue may soon lead to complications that threaten the stability of your smile. In order to repair a tooth, we may suggest a natural looking dental filling for our Gary, IN, patients.

Try Our Quiz on Dental Fillings

  1. True or False: Multiple factors may lead to cavities.
  2. True or False: Lack of treatment means the potential onset of infection.
  3. True or False: Fillings look natural.
  4. True or False: Placement takes just one visit.

Answer Key

  1. True. To avoid decay, our teeth are naturally protected by an outer layer of tooth enamel, the hardest substance in the human body. However, poor oral hygiene eventually weakens the enamel, while teeth grinding and injury (such as chips or fractures) can comprise the protective layer. Bacteria then moves past the enamel and into the inner tooth structure, allowing cavities to form.
  2. True. Without treatment a cavity continues to grow and spread throughout the interior of the tooth, until bacteria runs into the inner pulp. Your pulp is a bundle of living tissue keeping the tooth alive and healthy. Once in contact with bacteria, the pulp becomes infected and you experience more severe discomfort and a the risk of losing the tooth altogether.
  3. True. A filling is made from a metal-free composite resin, which can be shaded to match the surrounding tooth structure. As a result, once placed the restoration will look natural!
  4. True. We begin by removing the decay and then placing the prepared composite resin onto the tooth. We shape the material as it cures under a light. We complete the procedure by polishing the tooth for a more natural appearance. The procedure helps stop decay and protect the tooth in single visit.

Do You Have Questions About Dental Fillings?

In a single visit, we can repair your tooth and protect your smile from serious complications. To schedule an appointment with your dentist, contact Healthy Smiles in Gary, IN, by calling 219-938-2637, or by emailing our office at We also proudly serve the residents of Gary, Miller, Miller Beach, and all surrounding communities.