Completing Cosmetic Dental Work Before A Big Event

Some patients who inquire about cosmetic dental work are interested in having work done on a smile problem that they are no longer willing to tolerate. In these cases, they may know what they want, but they can feel less urgency to make those changes happen. However, there are times when a person can desire cosmetic improvement in advance of a significant personal or professional event. You may want to walk down the aisle with a flawless smile, or feel like a brighter smile can give you a confidence boost before an interview for a job promotion. In these cases, your dentist can talk to you about cosmetic work that can be completed in as little as a single appointment!

Bonding And Contouring Can Lead To Big Changes In The Course Of One Appointment

Thanks to bonding and contouring treatments, patients can see vast improvements to the condition of certain problem teeth in the course of a single visit to their dentist. Tooth contouring can make it possible to carefully reshape or resize a tooth. By bonding composite resin to a problem tooth, your dentist is able to hide issues like damage and discoloration. This can be especially useful for making a damaged or unsightly tooth fit in better with its neighbors.

Making Big Improvements To The Color Of Your Teeth With An In-Office Whitening Treatment

While your dentist can supply you with a whitening treatment that you can take home, it is possible to have the full results of a treatment over the course of one appointment! Your dentist can offer an in-office whitening procedure, which can send you away from the office with teeth that are significantly brighter than they were when you walked in.

Talk To Dr. Cain About How You Can Have Cosmetic Work Completed Before A Big Event

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