Protect Your Smile In 2018 With Routine Dental Visits

Have you kept up with dental visits in 2017? One way patients can make sure they are enjoying good oral health is by attending regular dental exams. Even if you feel confident in the condition of your smile, visiting regularly allows you to learn about developing problems, and potential concerns. Patients who regularly receive dental care and cleanings will enjoy a lower cavity risk, and they can count on care sooner if a problem has formed. If you want to spend the next year with a healthy, happy smile, make sure you book preventive dental appointments.

Keeping Up With Regular Dental Visits Will Help Protect Your Smile

If you have avoided cavity trouble consistently over the last few years, and feel good about how your smile looks, why should you make time for dental checkups? One thing you should know is that you can have a cavity develop without your realizing it. Oral bacteria can consistently attack a person’s enamel, eventually causing more harm than a tooth can repair on its own. Eventually, a cavity will grow serious enough to cause noticeable discomfort. However, early in its formation, you may not realize anything is wrong. Early detection and treatment can lead to a dental filling, but an overlooked cavity can leave you in need of a root canal treatment.

Your Dentist Can Look For More Than Just Cavities During Your Exams

At each appointment, your dentist is concerned about your full oral health needs – that means checking for more than just cavities. If you show signs of TMJ dysfunction, or teeth grinding, the appropriate course of action can be provided. You can also have your smile checked for signs of gum disease, a condition that can become difficult to address when it has time to worsen.

Schedule Your Upcoming Dental Visits With Dr. Cain

If you want to make sure your smile stays in good condition for the new year, make sure you schedule regular dental exams. Our office is available to provide preventive care for individuals of all ages. To schedule your appointment, call Healthy Smiles in Gary, IN, today at 219-938-2637. You can also email us at