Without A Professional Cleaning, Tartar Stays Stuck On Teeth

The teeth cleaning performed at every dental checkup is an important part of your visit – especially if you have tartar on your teeth. Tartar forms because plaque in your mouth will harden if it is not removed in time. That hardened plaque – tartar – will resist your efforts as you brush and floss, and can stick to your teeth, continuing to cause harm until the substance is removed by your hygienist. Removing tartar improves your defense against tooth decay, so its removal means lowering your risk for a problem calling for restorative dental care.

Other Benefits Of A Dental Checkup And Cleaning

A routine dental appointment provides important protection for your oral health. Your dentist is watching closely for any signs there might be something wrong with your smile. Your hygienist is able to remove plaque and tartar, and can access areas of your teeth you might struggle to clean effectively. You can come away from an appointment with a better appreciation for your oral health, and an understanding of the threats facing your teeth.

What To Do If Your Dentist Determines You Need Restorative Dental Work

During your visit, your dentist may find more than just tartar. If you have a problem that calls for restorative dental care, it is important that you have the treatment promptly. If you wait on something like a cavity treatment, the problem will grow worse, and you can wind up needing care in the form of a root canal, when you would have been fine with a dental filling.

Schedule A Dental Checkup And Cleaning With Dr. Cain

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