3 Harmful Issues Your Dentist Can Identify During A Checkup

A checkup with your dentist will hopefully only consist of a dental cleaning and review, with an assurance from your dentist that everything is in order. Unfortunately, some appointments can lead to the discovery of a problem that needs to be addressed. If this occurs, your dentist can alert you to what is wrong, and discuss the appropriate restorative dental treatment. It is important to recognize that without the appropriate care, an issue can grow in severity, leading to complications that can further harm your smile.

1. Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is a widely recognized problem. Unfortunately, awareness is not always enough to prevent its occurrence. Your dentist can recognize dental decay at early stages, and provide treatment with a dental filling. Without early detection and treatment, you are more likely to need a root canal treatment by the time you seek help.

2. Bruxism

Bruxism refers to a frequent habit of grinding your teeth. This can happen regularly while you sleep, so you might not know it is occurring. If your dentist sees an unusual amount of wear and tear on your teeth, they can suspect that you are dealing with bruxism. To help with this, they can provide you with a custom mouth guard to protect your smile during the night.

3. Gum Disease

If your dentist sees indicators of gingivitis, they can help you address the problem with your periodontal health. You should understand that gum disease needs to be addressed before it has time to grow in severity. When advanced gum disease develops, the condition can only be managed, not treated.

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