Using Dental Sedation During Your Treatment

Are you feeling ill at ease about an upcoming dental procedure that you require? You should know that your dentist can help combat your feelings of anxiety with dental sedation. Dental sedation can help patients with different needs, in different circumstances. You can receive nitrous oxide during a more involved restorative dental treatment, to alleviate discomfort. For some patients, even relatively minor care will call for some measure of sedation. If your anxiety level is more significant, you can require an oral sedative. Addressing concerns with your dentist can help them identify how to best help you deal with discomfort.

Providing Comfort Through Sedation During A Dental Procedure

Sedation can be provided to patients who are undergoing a treatment that may leave them feeling uncomfortable. This discomfort can stem from a procedure being more involved, but sedation can also help patients go through work that can take a longer amount of time to complete. If you are postponing treatment out of anxiety, understand that your dentist’s ability to provide safe sedation means the experience can be more comfortable than you anticipate.

Sedation Can Help Patients With Strong Feelings Of Dental Anxiety

For some patients, anxiety is their default response towards any need for a dental visit. Some people suffer anxiety to the point that they feel uneasy about a routine dental visit! If your distress about dental care has kept you out of the dentist’s chair, let your dentist know. They can discuss sedative options, but they can also talk to you about how to make your experience a more comfortable one in general. Remember, when you miss out on routine checkups, and put off necessary work, you are at risk for more serious oral health problems.

Dental Sedation Can Improve Your Treatment Experience

Dental sedation can help you feel more at ease while undergoing restorative dental work. Sedation is beneficial to patients who need more involved work, and for those who suffer varying degrees of dental anxiety. Dr. Cain and his staff at Healthy Smiles want to make sure you always have the best, most comfortable possible experience when you come in for care. To schedule your appointment, call Healthy Smiles in Gary, IN, today at 219-938-2637. You can also email our office at