What To Expect From Your Experience With Dental Sedation

Some patients will happily walk in for a standard dental checkup, but drag their feet when they need to come in for a restorative dental treatment. Patients with dental anxiety may resist even a routine visit, due to the distress they feel at the thought of spending any time in the dentist’s chair. Patients will receive dental sedation under different circumstances. You may not need it for regular visits, but find that it helps you face an upcoming root canal treatment without undue alarm. If you feel that sedation will be called for just to have a routine appointment, your dentist can discuss this with you, and help ensure you have a comfortable experience.

Dental Sedation Is Important For Anxious Patients

Anxious patients can have a harder time with basic appointments. For these people, dental sedation can mean enjoying the ability to have any professional care for their teeth. Your dentist is aware that dental anxiety is a real problem, and sensitive to those who struggle with it.

Different Types Of Dental Sedation

Just as there are patients who experience different degrees of anxiety, there are different measures for managing those anxieties. Nitrous oxide can be administered during treatment to help you relax, and can wear off in time for you to drive yourself home. If you need something stronger, an oral sedative can be introduced.

The Importance Of Keeping Up With Regular Appointments

If you feel anxiety about basic dental services, you should understand that your risk for oral health problems goes up when you refuse to go in for checkups. You lose out on professional teeth cleanings, and the oversight of your dentist, who can find and stop tooth decay before it worsens, and starts to cause real issues.

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