Taking On The Issue Of TMJ Pain

TMJ pain has the ability to ruin your day. You can find yourself struggling with limited jaw function, or discomfort that accompanies basic actions like eating, or speaking. However, your jaw is not the only area where you could be dealing with pain. Because your jaw is controlled by the trigeminal nerve, which also controls sensation in your face, neck, and head, you could deal with discomfort in several areas. If you suspect TMJ pain is affecting your quality of life, talk to your dentist about relief. They can help by providing an oral insert that helps with your jaw alignment – that adjustment can help alleviate your condition.

Addressing A Teeth Grinding Problem Can Stop Discomfort And Protect Teeth

Many people who deal with TMJ problems are also struggling with bruxism, a condition where they regularly grind their teeth at night. Putting a stop to this problem can be a relief to your jaw joints, and it can stop you from doing real harm to your teeth. Without intervention, bruxism sufferers could damage their teeth badly enough to need restorative dental care.

Make Sure Your Dentist Is Aware Of Problems Like TMJ Pain

If you want jaw problems to cease, make sure your dentist is aware of what is happening with your oral health. They can identify a number of different problems during a regular dental checkup, but there is less they can do to help when you do not come in for routine visits, and only arrive when something is wrong.

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