Using Dental Sedation To Help Anxious Patients

To help with dental discomfort during a more advanced restorative procedure, like a root canal treatment, your dentist can provide relief in the form of dental sedation. The administering of nitrous oxide or an oral sedative can ensure you go through a procedure without undue unease. Because restorative work at this stage can help rid you of ongoing dental pain, this can mean enjoying serious relief. Dental sedation is not just for patients undergoing serious work – some people who suffer dental anxiety can also benefit. These sedatives can help anxious patients make it through dental visits and treatments.

Relying On Dental Sedation To Improve The Patient Experience

If you need serious care, or if you feel incapable of comfortably making it through a standard dental visit, sedation can be helpful. With nitrous oxide, you can enjoy relaxation, while having the ability to recover from the effects of the gas in a relatively short time. For more severe anxiety, or for patients who will be undergoing a longer treatment, oral sedation can be provided. This will involve taking a sedative the night before, and another just prior to your visit. For maximum relief, nitrous oxide and oral sedation can be used in tandem.

Why Ignoring Dental Needs Can Lead To Real Problems

Letting a problem grow more severe because you are worried about seeing your dentist can mean suffering more serious problems. With regular dental visits every six months, you can have a problem spotted before it has time to seriously grow. However, if you stay away from the dentist’s chair – even when you think something is wrong – you can set yourself up to suffer a more consequential oral health issue.

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