Worried You Have A Cavity? What You Should Know

A lifetime without suffering a cavity is a great goal. Unfortunately, it is a goal many people will fall short of. Bacteria on your teeth secrete acids as part of their digestion process (they like to feed on sugar, which is why sugary items are typically called out for being cavity risks). Your enamel is capable of recovering from smaller damages, but when a cavity develops, your tooth will not be able to heal itself. Your dentist will need to do restorative dental work to stop a cavity – this will involve removing the decayed tooth material, cleaning the tooth, and restoring what was removed.

Avoid Delays In Treatment From Your Dentist

Delaying treatment for a cavity allows that cavity more time to grow, and harm your tooth. Eventually, the decay can start to threaten your tooth by infiltrating your pulp, and harming the tooth’s nerves. If you want to avoid this sort of discomfort, and put a stop to the problem before you need a root canal treatment, see your dentist at your earliest opportunity.

Your Restoration Can Avoid Disrupting Your Appearance

Dental restorations can use materials that match your surrounding teeth effectively. The composite resin fillings used for smaller cavities can match the color of your tooth, and will be inconspicuous. Porcelain dental crowns have become popular for how closely they resemble natural teeth.

Regular Visits Will Make It Easier To Avoid Future Cavities

If you want to step up your cavity prevention, make sure you are seeing your dentist every six months. The regular dental cleaning you go through will remove tartar, which brushing and flossing can leave behind. You also receive a close examination, so small cavities that have formed will be pointed out, and promptly treated.

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