Quiz: Advanced Restorative Work

quiz-advanced-restorative-workYou may shrink away at the thought of needing a restorative dental treatment, but you should know that these procedures have major benefits to your oral health. The real problems arise when you ignore a problem that needs treatment. The longer a cavity goes without being stopped, the more damage your tooth suffers. As your condition progressively worsens, you could experience acute pain and sensitivity. It is possible for a cavity to become so severe that the only recourse is for your dentist to extract the tooth. There is also a risk that bacteria from tooth decay will continue to spread beyond your tooth. Your dentist can perform effective, important restorations, so that your smile – and your health – will be protected.


True Or False: If an issue is serious enough, your dentist may have to perform a tooth extraction.

True Or False: No matter how small it is, your tooth will need a root canal if it has a cavity.

True Or False: A dental bridge stays in place because it is anchored by two dental crowns.


True! This is why prompt attention should be paid to a cavity. If your dentist finds a problem, or you experience dental discomfort, you should not delay having it addressed.

False! You can avoid a root canal entirely if you have your cavity treated before it reaches the interior of your tooth. If decay is stopped at your enamel, you should only need a dental filling to restore the tooth.

True! A bridge enjoys permanent support thanks to dental crowns on either side, which are placed on neighboring teeth.