3 Ways To Reduce Your Risk For Tooth Decay

3-ways-to-reduce-your-risk-for-tooth-decayYou might be one of those lucky people who seems to never have a cavity. You could be the opposite, and find that you frequently hear your dentist telling you about how you will need a filling to address tooth decay. Everyone has something to gain when they reduce their risk for a cavity. If you struggle to keep your teeth in good health, making small changes can have a real benefit. If you have had few to no cavity issues in the past few years, making smart choices now can help you keep that streak alive. Choices that help you prevent dental problems mean keeping your teeth healthy.

1. Take More Time When You Brush

How long does it take you to brush your teeth? You should spend at least two minutes on this task, and work to fully access all the areas of your teeth. Your daily oral care routine should also include flossing.

2. Switch Out Sodas For Water When You Eat

Soft drinks tend to be high in sugar, which is a big issue if you are susceptible to cavities. Even diet drinks can hurt your teeth, due to how their acidity can soften your enamel. Water can help rinse your mouth of harmful particles, and can keep you hydrated, which helps you produce helpful saliva.

3. Make Sure You Keep Up With Your Semiannual Visits With Your Dentist

Semiannual dental checkups are important, especially when you are cavity-prone. Your professional cleaning will remove agents that can attack your teeth and cause cavities. If cavities are found, treatment for those small cavities can be less involved than treatment for a cavity that has gone undetected.