Planning Regular Dental Visits

planning regular dental visitsDo you see any point to visiting the dentist when you do not have a problem with your teeth? You should – regular checkups with your dentist make it easier to go without problems, and are your dentist’s chance to catch problems at their early stages. The standard recommendation is to see your dentist every six months. At each of these appointments, you will enjoy a professional cleaning, and an inspection of your teeth, gums, and mouth. Along with effective care at home, and a diet that protects your teeth, you can prevent dental problems effectively, and enjoy your oral health.

How Regular Visits Can Make It Easier To Find Smaller Cavities

Smaller cavities may not be easy for you to spot on your own, and you may not feel symptoms. If you associate cavities with painful toothaches, what you should know is that this sort of discomfort often stems from cavities that are affecting a tooth’s nerves. These advanced cavities need to be treated via root canals, to remove the infected tissue. If your dentist can catch a small cavity during a checkup, you are liable to only need a filling to replace the portion of your tooth that needs to be removed.

Other Problems That Can Be Identified When Your Dentist Reviews Your Teeth

A routine review of your teeth by your dentist can turn up more than just cavities. If the amount of wear and tear your teeth have gone through seems excessive, it could be a sign that you are suffering from bruxism, a condition where the sufferer grinds their teeth frequently.