Quiz: Smart Oral Health Practices

quiz smart oral health practicesWhen you appreciate the need for good oral care, and incorporate smart behaviors into your daily routine, you can better protect yourself from problems like tooth decay. Some of those smart behaviors may not surprise you – you (hopefully) already know the importance of regularly brushing your teeth. However, you may not appreciate the importance of certain behaviors. The more actions you can take to prevent dental problems, the easier it will be to keep your teeth in the best possible condition.

True Or False: On Average, A Person Should Schedule One Dental Checkup Per Year

False! The standard recommendation is for a person to see the dentist for a regular checkup twice a year. These visits will involve an expert cleaning, and a detailed study for any signs of dental trouble.

True Or False: Drinking More Water Can Make It Easier To Prevent Cavities

True! Water can help clean your mouth, is free of sugar, and – if your water source contains fluoride – it can help keep your enamel strong.

True Or False: Teeth Grinding Can Hurt Your Jaw, But Your Teeth Will Not Be Affected

False! One of the major problems associated with bruxism is dental damage. In fact, your dentist may be tipped off to your habit of teeth grinding because of wear and tear on your teeth. If it is not stopped, you could do enough damage to need a dental crown for a tooth.

True Or False: You Should Still Brush Your Teeth If You Have Received Porcelain Veneers

True! A non-abrasive toothpaste can help you keep your teeth clean, while reducing the risk of leaving small scuffs or scraps on your veneers.