Habits That Can Hurt How Your Smile Looks

habits that can hurt how your smile looksYour everyday habits can have an impact on your oral health, and the appearance of your smile. Your regular dental maintenance, your diet, and other behaviors can influence your looks. Just as the choices you make affect your risk for cavities, you have control over what your teeth look like. If you have existing concerns, a cosmetic dental treatment can make important improvements. Keeping on top of oral health matters – with at-home care, and with regular dental checkups – can also help you avoid detrimental effects on your smile.

Items That Can Cause Stains In Your Teeth

Tobacco use can have a number of harmful effects on your oral health. Its negative effects also extend to your appearance, as products like cigarettes and chewing tobacco can leave unsightly stains in your enamel. Color-rich foods and beverages can also leave behind products that discolor your teeth. A professional teeth whitening treatment can eliminate these stains with bleaching agents, which can eradicate deep-set discoloration that store-bought products often leave unaddressed.

Dental Damage From Teeth Grinding

People who regularly grind their teeth may be experiencing a condition known as bruxism. Bruxism sufferers will unconsciously clench their jaw frequently, which can potentially damage their teeth. In addition to cosmetic problems, bruxism can also cause you to suffer frequent pains due to TMJ issues. If your teeth have suffered chips and cracks due to grinding, a set of porcelain veneers can restore your smile’s appearance. Veneers cover your teeth, and hide any unsightly flaws. They create the appearance of a quality smile. However, it is important to work with your dentist to manage your bruxism, so that you do not damage your veneers when you clench your jaw.