Regular Checkups Help Keep Your Oral Health In Good Standing

regular checkups help keep your oral health in good standingIf you want to enjoy the best possible defense against tooth decay, then you should see your dentist more often than when something is wrong. People who schedule routine checkups and cleanings enjoy expert care that makes it easier to defend against cavities, and other oral health problems. You should plan to have an appointment every six months, unless your dentist advises you to operate on a different time line. The combination of superior cleanings and professional reviews of your oral health make it easier for you to avoid dental issues, and ensure that problems that do arise are treated promptly.

A More Advanced Cleaning

The at-home cleanings you provide your teeth are crucial, but they are not as thorough as what you receive from your hygienist. If you have tartar on your teeth – plaque that has remained for long enough to harden – attempting to remove it with brushing and flossing may not work. The tools used by your hygienist can remove this substance.

The Benefit Of Early Cavity Detection

If there is something wrong with a tooth during a checkup, your dentist can act on that problem before it worsens. For instance, if a small cavity turns up during your exam, it should be treatable with a filling. The alternative is that without that appointment, the cavity could go unnoticed until it causes discomfort in your tooth. A cavity at that stage could require a root canal in order to save your tooth.

A Routine Survey Of Your Overall Oral Health

Your dentist looks for more than just cavities. You are being checked for a range of possible problems. If your dentist sees an unusual degree of wear and tear on your teeth, they might recommend treatment for bruxism, which can cause serious dental damage if left unaddressed.