Delaying Dental Treatment Can Put Your Oral Health At Risk

delaying dental treatment can put your oral health at riskYou are encouraged to visit your dentist every six months for a checkup and dental cleaning. These visits can help defend your teeth against decay, and can put you at ease regarding the state of your overall oral health. What happens if you skip out on regular dental visits? What can happen if you only see your dentist when something is wrong? If you delay a visit to your dentist, tooth decay can advance until it becomes painful, and threatens the health of your tooth.

What Can Happen When You Put Off Treating A Cavity?

Tooth decay starts on your enamel, the outermost layer of your tooth. At this point, you may not notice symptoms. If a newly-formed cavity is identified, your dentist can treat it by removing the infected area of your enamel from your tooth, and putting a filling in place of the lost material. If a cavity is not treated in time, it will penetrate to your pulp, and can infect the living tissue that sustains your tooth. Once an infection reaches your pulp, it can kill your tooth, and the infection can spread through the root into your jawbone. To eliminate decay at this stage, you will need a root canal.

Routine Examinations Can Mean Catching Problems Before They Become Serious

Preventive dental practices can help spare you from a number of uncomfortable conditions. In addition to watching for signs of tooth decay, your dentist can address bruxism, a condition that describes frequent, often unconscious teeth grinding. By making your oral health a priority, you can receive care that aims to stop troubles before they become serious.