Is There Something Better Than Toothpaste?

toothpasteToothpaste has a long history. It is not a modern development as you might think. Although we brush our teeth with more modern ingredients, toothpaste has been around since ancient times. Some cultures used crushed shells, sand, or other abrasives to brush their teeth. The Asian cultures used more aromatic and palatable ingredients. The Romans used urine to brush and whiten their teeth. So as you can see there are other options besides what we know as toothpaste. In fact, brushing with a dry toothbrush is said to be just as effective in cleaning your teeth, but dry brushing won’t whiten or fortify your teeth with fluoride. But, is there something better than toothpaste?

Coconut Oil

Research to prevent tooth decay and periodontal disease is always making strides. Childhood tooth decay and periodontal disease are serious and growing problems in the dental health arena. Scientists are always trying to find ways to combat them. According to statistics 60 to 90 percent of children suffer from tooth decay, and 65 million Americans suffer from periodontal disease. The problems are worldwide.  Looking for ways to combat the pathogenic oral bacteria streptococcus mutans, the Irish undertook a research study testing it against coconut oil. They found that coconut oil has properties that eliminate the bacterium.

Streptococcus Mutans

Streptococcus mutans feeds on the sugars and starches leftover on your teeth from foods and beverages and produces harmful acids in the process. The bacteria and acids are found in dental plaque, a clear, sticky substance that sticks to your teeth. Brushing removes the plaque but nothing kills the pathogenic bacteria which are always in your mouth. According to the research study, coconut oil can kill the bacterium, and Irish scientists recommend making coconut oil the main ingredient in toothpastes and mouthwashes to help decrease tooth decay and periodontal disease.


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