Make the Most of Your Toothbrush

Your toothbrush should be your most-used, and most-trusted, weapon against cavities, gum disease, and offensively bad breath. Yet, if you use the wrong brush, or if you don’t use the right one correctly, then you have a significantly smaller chance of winning your fight against dental diseases. Even though you’ve (hopefully) practiced the routine for… Read more »

Gum Disease Doesn’t Just Go Away

The lasting effects of gum disease can be disastrous, yet many people don’t consider the dental ailment a serious condition. At least, they may not take it as seriously as they should. Unfortunately, this laissez-faire attitude may contribute greatly to gum disease’s statistics. For instance, the fact that over 80% of America’s adult population has… Read more »

A Seal of Approval for Your Children’s Teeth

Though it’s your job to ensure your children learn how to care for their teeth, it’s your dentist’s job to ensure that your family’s dental hygiene efforts are working. As the most common chronic disease among children and adults in the United States, cavities are a frequent concern at the dentist’s office, mainly preventing them… Read more »

Smile Like a Star with Porcelain Veneers

The point of cosmetic dentistry is to improve your smile’s look, and in the quest for smile perfection, porcelain veneers have gained an impressive amount of fame. While not every celebrity has professionally enhanced their smile’s appearance, many have, and Dr. Nicholas Cain offers the same cosmetic procedures the stars have received, including porcelain veneers…. Read more »

Questions About Cosmetic Tooth Bonding

As small as they are, your teeth can be marred by even the smallest stain or chipped edged. Because of their limited landscape, fixing the appearance of imperfect teeth is a sensitive and precise process, one that’s different for everybody depending on their specific needs. Tooth bonding, which consists of rejuvenating a blemished tooth using… Read more »

Avoid Excessive Teeth Whitening

Sometimes, you just can’t avoid teeth stains, especially the ones you already see developing. They can be caused by the food and beverages you consume, certain medications you take, or a host of other reasons, many of which don’t necessarily mean your teeth are in serious trouble. With professional and over-the-counter teeth whitening products, you… Read more »

Why Tooth Extraction is a Thing

Tooth loss isn’t always expected, although it’s sometimes a necessity when patients neglect necessary dental treatment for long enough. Though tooth extraction is frequently necessary, Dr. Cain doesn’t typically recommend it unless the tooth can no longer serve its function, or poses a threat to your continued good oral health. Depending on the reason for… Read more »

Can Cleaning Teeth Keep You Healthy?

A lot of what goes on in your mouth affects more than the confines of your teeth and gums. A toothache isn’t always confined to the tooth, jaw pain often translates into chronic headaches, and oral bacteria aren’t fond of respecting your mouth’s boundaries. Given the connections between your oral health and your physical wellbeing,… Read more »

What Does Fluoride Prevent?

If your home is connected to a municipal water supply, then you probably have a healthy supply of fluoride flowing from your faucets. Many toothpaste and mouthrinse brands contain the mineral, and your Gary, IN dentist can directly apply fluoride to weakened teeth to improve their protection. As a preventive dentistry measure, fluoride is a… Read more »

Crooked Teeth and Orthodontics

Orthodontic treatment is a form of professional dentistry that focuses on how well your teeth fit together, and improving their balance if they’re crooked. Known as malocclusion, crooked teeth can take many forms affect patients of all ages, and when not treated, the condition can lead to a host of subsequent dental issues resulting from… Read more »