Restore Your Gumline To A Healthy Level

Coffee Gary INOne of the most common dental issues is periodontal disease. This is the inflammation and infection of the gum tissue, and it is very prevalent in the United States. It’s estimated that approximately four in every ten Americans over the age of thirty suffer from this condition. So if you have begun to notice some redness, swelling, or even some recession, don’t feel embarrassed about it. This is a serious medical issue that should not be ignored!

Our periodontal tissue does not regenerate in the same way that, say, our skin does. Therefore, we need to use specific means of repairing damaged gumlines. These are often common surgical procedures that use a technique known as grafting. Today, your Gary, IN dentist explains how this process may help you to effectively restore your smile, and keep yourself safe for the future!

Stop The Progression

Since our gum tissue doesn’t bounce back quite as easily as some other part of our body, it is important to limit the spread of any possible infection the moment you notice it. The initial phase of this is known as gingivitis, and it may show in some pretty telling signs.

One of the first symptoms that patients tend to see is with blood during their twice daily tooth brushing. Our healthy gum tissue should be strong enough to withstand a thorough scrub. Assuming you are using a soft-bristled brush, this may actually be a sign that infection is beginning to set in. You may also notice redness or swelling at this location.

If you notice this, don’t ignore it! Many people will feel that they are being overly-aggressive and actually avoid brushing that area. But this can be harmful and allow the infection to continue to get worse.

Eliminate The Cause

Once you speak with your trained oral health professional, they can determine if periodontal disease is beginning to affect your smile. Once you receive this diagnosis, they may suggest the possibility of a surgical restoration. you might feel nervous about the possibility of surgery, but this is very common in the world of dentistry.

The most likely solution will come from a grafting procedure. This process includes the first removal of any damage or infected material. Then your healthy gums are pulled to a healthy location. If there is not enough material available at the site, then tissue can be gathered from the soft palate or another source. After about a week to ten days of recovery with a soft diet, you should be looking and feeling better!


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