Restoring A Damaged Or Misshapen Tooth

If one tooth is damaged or misshapen, it can have serious consequences for your smile. After all, symmetry is a desirable feature, one that is easily disrupted by even minor issues. The good news is that a conservative cosmetic procedure can take care of this kind of trouble, so you may be closer to your ideal appearance than you realize! Our Northwest IN dentist’s office provides different options for smile care if you are interested in changing the look of a flawed tooth. A cosmetic procedure can help you boost your confidence and make a lasting change in your appearance, one that makes you eager to show off your smile!

Effectively Addressing An Unsightly Or Unhealthy Tooth

Problems with unsightly teeth can feel hard to hide. If there is a chip or noticeable crack in your tooth structure, if one tooth is the wrong shape or size, or if a spacing issue creates a visible flaw, you can feel frustrated at how much attention that problem can draw. While even minor issues can be conspicuous, solutions to problems with your appearance can be easier to arrange than you expect. In as little as one appointment, we can help you take on a problem with the way you look so that you no longer have to feel self-conscious when you smile, speak, and pose for photos.

Arranging Cosmetic Treatment For A Flawed Tooth

Based on the concerns you express, we can discuss the advantages to different cosmetic dental procedures. You can take care of a misshapen or injured tooth promptly when you arrange dental bonding and contouring treatment. These services make lasting changes possible without the need to have a permanent restoration placed. As a result, you can take care of your appearance in just one appointment! There is also the option to restore a tooth with a porcelain veneer. A veneer is a slender restoration that only covers the front surface of a tooth. Its placement can take more time and preparatory work than bonding and contouring services, but it can make lasting improvements while only requiring a conservative change to your enamel.

Protecting A Vulnerable Tooth With A Dental Crown

There are times when a flawed tooth requires more support than cosmetic work offers. Based on concerns around damage or lack of bite support, we can recommend that you have a custom dental crown placed. A crown made from lifelike materials can offer cosmetic as well as oral health benefits so that you do not have to feel embarrassed, and so that you can have better functional support from the tooth whenever you bite and chew.

Talk To Your Northwest IN Dentist About Restoring A Damaged Or Misshapen Tooth

Through the right treatment for your damaged or misshapen tooth, we can help you take care of embarrassing smile flaws and boost your confidence in the way you look! If you would like to find out more, please contact Healthy Smiles in Northwest IN by calling 219-938-2637!