Reasons To Arrange Bonding And Contouring Work

Are you looking for ways to change your smile for the better? Even small problems with the shape or size of your teeth can have a negative effect on how you look, and that can hurt your overall confidence. At our Northwest IN dentist’s office, we can offer treatment solutions that target the flaws that embarrass you, and we can even help you arrange care that will improve your appearance in a shorter time than you expect. We can do this by offering you treatment via tooth bonding and contouring work. This is a treatment approach that can have your results ready in just one appointment, as it will not require the creation or placement of permanent restorations to hide blemishes, damages, and more.

How Comfortable Are You With Your Smile Right Now?

Whether you have lost confidence in it or have always had doubts about it, you can find it difficult to live with doubts about the quality of your smile. Unfortunately, when flaws are present, they can be difficult to ignore. We often focus on a person’s smile when we look at them, whether we see them in pictures or in person. You can have more undesired attention paid to flaws with your teeth than you are comfortable with, which can give you overall doubts about the way you look. The good news is that fixing these problems can take less time, and less work, than you think possible!

Planning Tooth Bonding And Contouring Treatment

Through tooth bonding and contouring services that we provide in our office, we can help patients take on many different concerns about the way they look. A treatment can reshape flawed teeth, brighten them by hiding blemishes and discoloration, and even correct problems with tooth shape and size. This work will not require the use of any permanent restorations, and for many it can be completed after just one appointment!

Discussing Your Other Options For Cosmetic Dental Work

There are other cosmetic services that are available to you if you want to do something about your appearance. Porcelain veneers can require two appointments, as these restorations must be custom-made to make your desired smile changes. Once they are in position, we can make sure they cover any flaws that currently make you self-conscious. They can provide more durable results, making it easier to preserve your smile changes.

Talk To Your Northwest IN Dentist About Bonding And Contouring Work!

For people who want to do something about smile flaws, we can recommend tooth bonding and contouring work. This approach can offer results in a short time, and it can lead to welcome overall improvements in your smile and confidence. If you would like to discuss this procedure further, please contact Healthy Smiles in Northwest IN by calling 219-938-2637!