Providing Dedicated Pediatric Dental Care

Receiving dedicated professional dental care at an early age can help a person enjoy a lifetime of quality oral health. It is certainly true that kids and adults alike benefit from routine dental exams, but it should be noted that children can enjoy important, unique benefits. One particularly important service provided by your dentist is education. When kids see the dentist, they receive instructions on how to better care for their smiles. This can help them do a better job of fighting cavities at home. When kids are exposed to the dentist’s office early, and are given information on preventive care at a young age, they can be more likely to keep up with smart practices well into adulthood.

Providing Dental Education To Young Patients

During routine appointments, your dentist will take the time to help younger children understand how to properly brush and floss. In addition, they can work with them to make sure they understand why these habits are so important.

Watching For Problems With Your Child’s Dental Development

As your child grows, your dentist can monitor their development. If something seems abnormal, they can recommend the appropriate course of action. Catching these issues early can lead to easier treatments.

Early Visits Can Help Your Child Feel More Comfortable In the Dentist’s Chair

Patients who are not exposed to the dentist’s office when they are young, and those who have unpleasant experiences, are more likely to suffer from dental anxiety when they are older. This can make them less likely to come in for the checkups they need, and more likely to require dental sedation when they do arrive. Making children feel comfortable at the dentist’s office is an important part of pediatric care, and a responsibility our practice takes seriously.

Schedule Dental Care For Your Child With Dr. Cain

If you want your child to enjoy expert dental care, set up an appointment with Dr. Cain. Our practice is proud to provide the kind of supportive environment that can help kids feel at ease, while providing them with important information on the value of quality oral care. To schedule your appointment, please call Healthy Smiles in Gary, IN, today at 219-938-2637. You can also email us at