Using Orthodontics To Fix Crooked Teeth

using orthodontics to fix crooked teethOrthodontic treatment can be time-intensive, but it provides dramatic, long-lasting changes to your teeth and bite. Because of its pronounced effect on your appearance, it is understandable to think of orthodontics as a cosmetic dental procedure, but it offers benefits for your oral health, too. Straight teeth can be easier to clean, and enables you to have a more comfortable, better-aligned bite. By realigning your bite, you can reduce your odds of developing problems with your TMJs, the joints that connect your jaw to your skull.

Cosmetic Benefits Of Orthodontics

While many cosmetic treatments offer benefits after one or two visits, orthodontics is more time-consuming. However, orthodontics can realign teeth that are too badly out of place to be covered up with a cosmetic procedure.

Health Benefits Of Orthodontics

Crooked teeth can be difficult to properly clean, as areas blocked by overlaps can be harder to access properly. This can put you at increased odds for developing a cavity, and raise your likelihood of needing professional care for a tooth. An awkward bite can also leave certain teeth disproportionately exposed to biting and chewing, which can cause them to become worn down prematurely.

Orthodontics And TMJ Disorder

TMJ disorder can stem from more than a single cause – you can develop arthritis in your TMJs, or develop the condition by grinding your teeth. However, dental misalignment can leave your bite out of alignment, which can make your bite uncomfortable, and tax your jaw joints. Even if you do not currently suffer from TMJ-related pains, a properly aligned bite can lower the likelihood that you will develop problems at a later date.