If You Need A Cavity Treatment, Make It A Priority

Think about your daily schedule – would you have an easy time fitting in a cavity treatment, or would it be relatively hard for you to work in a restorative dental treatment? Unfortunately, it can be hard for some patients to make time for dental work. While your dentist understands this, you should understand that… Read more »

What You Can Expect From A Whitening Treatment

How much of a change should you expect to see in your smile after a professional whitening treatment? If you have long been frustrated by the way stains in your teeth have affected your appearance, you can see a remarkable difference. While store-bought whitening agents have the power to remove staining particles that have stuck… Read more »

How Your Oral Care Needs Can Change Over The Years

Your routine oral health care is an effort to keep your smile in good condition for a lifetime. While your morning routine may not see many changes, your overall oral health needs can change over the years. Your dentist understands this, and can tailor their care to the needs you have in your particular life… Read more »

Taking On The Issue Of TMJ Pain

TMJ pain has the ability to ruin your day. You can find yourself struggling with limited jaw function, or discomfort that accompanies basic actions like eating, or speaking. However, your jaw is not the only area where you could be dealing with pain. Because your jaw is controlled by the trigeminal nerve, which also controls… Read more »

Protecting Yourself From Dental Issues

The old idea that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure can apply to your oral health, as well as your regular health. Preventive dental care helps you keep your teeth healthy, so that you are less likely to need restorative dental treatment for problems like tooth decay. That care comes from… Read more »

Need A Dental Crown? What To Expect

People who keep up with oral health care at home, and enjoy regular dental visits, are less likely to need a dental crown than those who neglect their teeth. This is because you are less likely to have a cavity – and, because you keep up with regular visits, your dentist can catch a cavity… Read more »

Using Dental Sedation To Help Anxious Patients

To help with dental discomfort during a more advanced restorative procedure, like a root canal treatment, your dentist can provide relief in the form of dental sedation. The administering of nitrous oxide or an oral sedative can ensure you go through a procedure without undue unease. Because restorative work at this stage can help rid… Read more »

Worried You Have A Cavity? What You Should Know

A lifetime without suffering a cavity is a great goal. Unfortunately, it is a goal many people will fall short of. Bacteria on your teeth secrete acids as part of their digestion process (they like to feed on sugar, which is why sugary items are typically called out for being cavity risks). Your enamel is… Read more »

Targeting Cosmetic Flaws To Help Improve Your Smile

Taking aim at dental flaws with cosmetic dental work can allow you to enjoy a dramatically improved appearance. People have different needs when it comes to making improvements to how they look; the same approach to cosmetic work would not serve every patient equally. The first step before engaging in any treatment is to talk… Read more »